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QE2 Starboard High Pressure Turbine Pattern

Mused 633 views

One of the few remaining three-dimensional representations of large turbines which …

Sperm Whale and Calf

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Blue Whale Skeleton

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Traditional Boatbuilding: building skiffs

Mused 556 views

The team from the Scottish Maritime Museum’s boatbuilding school have recently …

Rose Island Lighthouse

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Cat's Head from the Cutty Sark

Mused 520 views

Sailing ships were often bestowed with elaborate carvings and this wooden …

Grytviken Whaling Station

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Swedish Royal Schooner Yacht Amphion

Mused 431 views

The royal schooner yacht Amphion is based on the Turuma (Turunmaa) …

Carved Sperm Whale Tooth (Scrimshaw)

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This engraved Sperm Whale Tooth with a farewell maritime scene comes …

Wooden snow goggles belonging to Captain Scott

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These wooden goggles are from the collection of Dundee HeritageTrust looking …

MV Spartan

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MV Spartan was built in 1942 and is one of only …