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The schooner yacht 'Gloriana' (left) crossing the finish line first by "a cable's length" in the Royal Yacht Squadron Queen��s Cup of August 17, 1853 against the schooner yacht 'Shark' (right). The vessel flying a large Union Jack flag on its mainmast in the background marks the finishing line. It fires its guns to signal a winner.

The title and description of the print is hand-written by Arthur H. Clark on the verso. There is a discrepancy between the manuscript note and actual records of the race. The manuscript note does not mention 'Shark,' but rather the American sloop yacht 'Silvie.' The American sloop unexpectedly won second place on August 19, 1853, two days later, in a regatta also scheduled by the Royal Yacht Squadron raced off Cowes, England. So far, records of the 'Silvie' racing against the 'Gloriana' have not been found.

Hart Nautical
Dutton, Thomas Goldsworth
ink; paper
11 3/4 in x 20 1/2 in
Britain: London [?]